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  • Clients require greater involvement in the management of their investments. Wealth managers are striving to do more with less. Online portfolio monitoring—the win-win solution.

    Clients want to be close to their capital

    Investors’ expectations of financial institutions are being shaped by their interactions with digitally-optimised businesses in other industries where direct, 24/7 access, via any device, are givens. Information must be complete, organised, well presented and capable of being interrogated. Being able to filter and interact with data empowers those investors who prefer to make their own decisions.

    JHC Xenon (Xenon) enables wealth managers to exceed those client expectations.

    Bringing data to life

    Xenon is a hosted, client-facing portfolio monitoring tool. The Xenon app enables investors to view their portfolio instantly from their phone, tablet or desktop. Starting with a 360-degree overview of their portfolio, clients can drill-down to view and interrogate its component parts. Rather than being presented with a collection of raw numbers, Xenon transforms dull analytics into engaging charts, diagrams and graphics.

    Xenon for clients

    • 360-degree view and valuation: shows all holdings in real time, on and off book
    • Performance: over time and to close of business on the previous day
    • Asset allocation: by sector, geography etc.
    • Holdings: by name and amount invested
    • Financial standing: summarises the client’s net worth 

    Xenon for wealth managers

    • Convenience: providing instant access to portfolios makes life easier for clients
    • Enhances the firm’s ability to retain and attract clients
    • Fully automated document delivery
    • Clients can choose how they manage and interact with their money
    • Demonstrates that the firm understands their clients’ needs
    • It’s technology that progressive, client-centric financial institutions are expected to provide

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    About Xenon:

    • Automated: runs automatically, every day without human involvement—the client always sees the same up to date information as their manager does;
    • Convenient: hosted in its own private cloud, Xenon provides on demand access to analytics via hand-held devices, laptops and desktops;
    • Dependable: thorough, meticulous, consistent and infinitely repeatable monitoring routine;
    • Secure: bank-grade cryptographic security;
    • Protected: physical security, data encryption in transit and at rest, intrusion detection, disaster recovery and testing;
    • Comprehensive: covers any and all asset classes including on and off book securities;
    • Interoperable and data/system agnostic: harvests data from any underlying source system;

     The question is: What is the cost of not providing digital access?

    About JHC's Digital Transformation Service