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  • JHC Neon (Neon) gathers, filters and consolidates the information Investment managers, c-suite, compliance and risk managers need—instantly

    A stand-alone, data-agnostic, portfolio analysis tool, Neon’s powerful search and filter functions identify profit centres, exceptions, patterns, trends and opportunities.

    The big picture or the smallest detail, it’s there for you (and your clients) in seconds, on one screen, desktop or mobile.

    By gaining a deeper understanding of a portfolio’s dynamics, advisors can make decisions faster and demonstrate a more proactive approach to the client.

    Every aspect of the enterprise—from an overview of the firm’s entire book to the inner workings of individual client accounts and their portfolios—can be analysed.

    And no matter how big the book is, Neon scrutinises each holding and portfolio automatically, five days a week.

    Thinking spreadsheets? Don’t. Data is brought to life in the form of colourful and engaging charts, graphs and diagrams.


    Provides an immediate, aggregated, 360-degree view of the client's relationship with the firm

    • Scalable: monitors up to 1 million portfolios

    • Instant results

    • Intuitive and transparent interface

    • Engaging, uncluttered and easy-to-understand dashboards

    • Reduces operational, investment and regulatory risks

    • Fully integrated work flow and a complete audit trail

    • Data agnostic

    • Light touch technology—no extra hardware required

    • Live in weeks

    An enterprise-wide tool

    For compliance: Proves that the firm takes a proactive, consistent and fully documented approach to the management of clients’ investments.

    For risk: Monitors the firm-wide risks posed by advisors’ investment strategies on an individual and collective basis. Identifies key themes, trends and trouble spots, including recurring compliance issues and how swiftly issues are addressed.

    For investment managers: Provides a 360-degree, view of a client’s portfolio and the client. Highlights areas of risk across the entire book and client base. When changes need making, advisors can choose which clients to contact and when.

    For senior management: Monitor investment managers performance individually/collectively and by branch, product line or any other firm-mandated criteria in order to assess enterprise-wide risk.

    For clients: Rather than trying to grasp theoretical definitions and quantifying the potential consequences of risk, Neon simplifies and conveys investment risk in a form clients can relate to and understand.

    Neon: The depth and breadth of understanding you need to provide a first-class service to your clients.


    Comprehensive risk analysis and risk management capabilities

    Neon’s Risk Measurement and Risk Attribution insights give managers the data they need to make informed, timely and effective decisions. By quickly pinpointing the areas of risk within each portfolio, managers gain complete control of the risk management process, can prioritise remedial actions and to schedule investor communications accordingly.

    JHC launches Neon 


    Colour-coded overview of the firm’s/manager’s entire book, showing where issues already exist and which portfolios are beginning to show signs of problems.


    All compliance, risk and admin-related breaches itemised by age and status.


    Portfolio health by manager.


    Comparing realised returns vs. volatility.


    Exposure by asset class and region; drill down to view each client’s portfolios.


    Spread of risk and return across all managers’ portfolios.


    List of tasks for the manager and the client, covering compliance, portfolio health, investment risk and administration.

    Download the Neon brochure