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  • Front, middle and back office operations are connected, coordinated and synchronised instantly and seamlessly

    Discretionary wealth management firms use our platforms and tools to source the information they need to a) make informed investment decisions and b) enhance their retail client relationships.

    Users can maintain and interrogate ‘Know Your Client’ information and gain access—in real time—to client standing data and asset positions; they can also enter their own orders for a range of financial instruments.

    Designed to support regulatory compliance, reduce costs and streamline business processes; JHC can help wealth firms to:

    • Meet current and future regulatory requirements including MiFID II, suitability and risk mandates and GDPR
    • Enhance automation within and across wealth businesses
    • Create customisable workflows and reconciliation as part of a fully integrated solution
    • Meet the digital demands of today’s clients and provide an increasingly personalised service
    • Combat cybersecurity concerns in light of increasing digitisation
    • Support business growth with a fully scalable system available as a managed service or a fully deployed solution
    • Offer a flexible fee management and charging structure