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  • Enabling advisers to interact more effectively and more efficiently with clients

    Easily adapting to change while supporting business growth is key for today’s private banks.

    Stringent regulations have squeezed margins and firms have to juggle to efficiently run a business while and providing individuals and groups with all the functionality to help firms successfully manage and grow their clients’ wealth.Through its software technology, JHC can help private banks to effectively and efficiently service their clients and meet compliance requirements and monitor risk as well as control costs and increase profits.

    JHC's technologies support private banks by:

      • Providing today’s tech savvy investors with 24/7 access to their investment information through a range of digital and mobile technology
      • Ensuring the system provides high levels of automation and STP across its functions
      • Offering a flexible solution that can be customised to suit specific business requirements 
      • Providing a system designed to meet today’s regulatory requirements including MiFID II, KYC requirements and GDPR etc
      • Combating cybersecurity concerns in light of increasing digitisation
      • Offering a fully integrated solution that reduces overall operating costs
      • Providing the latest technology to support omnichannel communication and enhance user experience to meet growing customer demands