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  • Although their products, operational requirements and markets can be very different, a diverse range of financial institutions—wealth managers, BPO/platform providers, asset managers, investment managers, private banks and brokers—utilise JHC's platforms and tools. 

    Winning the trust of demanding clients doesn’t happen by accident

    Clients rely on our platforms and tools to manage the trading and settlement of millions of transactions every day in markets across the world, in almost every asset class, financial instrument and currency.

    Only through hands-on and hard-won experience is it possible to build software that is capable of fulfilling a diverse range of requirements.

    JHC’s software engineers have invested countless man hours analysing the technical complexities and operational problems that financial institutions—of all kinds—face.

    By gaining a thorough understanding of the issues, eventualities and outcomes and adhering to a standard of programming expertise that’s well above the norm, we’ve developed the services and products to address them.

    Front, middle and back office operations are connected, coordinated and synchronised instantly and seamlessly

    Discretionary wealth management firms use our platforms and tools to source the information they need to a) make informed investment decisions and b) enhance their retail client relationships.

    Users can maintain and interrogate ‘Know Your Client’ information and gain access—in real time—to client standing data and asset positions; they can also enter their own orders for a range of financial instruments.

    Designed to support regulatory compliance, reduce costs and streamline business processes; JHC can help wealth firms to:

    • Meet current and future regulatory requirements including MiFID II, suitability and risk mandates and GDPR
    • Enhance automation within and across wealth businesses
    • Create customisable workflows and reconciliation as part of a fully integrated solution
    • Meet the digital demands of today’s clients and provide an increasingly personalised service
    • Combat cybersecurity concerns in light of increasing digitisation
    • Support business growth with a fully scalable system available as a managed service or a fully deployed solution
    • Offer a flexible fee management and charging structure

    Figaro: A fully integrated, real-time solution for Investment and Wrap Platform Providers

    Through our technologies, BPO & Platform Providers get instant access to  the information they need to a) make informed investment decisions and b) elevate their high value retail client relationships.

    Users can hold and trade funds, equities, gilts and other assets via one, fully-automated platform. Clients' investment portfolios— including multiple investment and pension product wrappers—can be managed under a single reporting umbrella.Portfolio Managers and Client Advisors can maintain and interrogate ‘Know Your Client’ information and have access,in real time, to client standing data and asset positions; users can also enter their own orders for a range of financial instruments.

    As wealth managers attempt to grapple with the latest regulation and ensure the efficiency of their businesses, outsourcing all or part of their operations can be the perfect solution. JHC can support BPOs and platform providers by:

    • Delivering a scalable solution that supports growth as AUM, clients and transactions increase
    • Providing professional, intuitive technology that supports many different businesses
    • Confidently meeting a range of regulatory requirements including KYC and MiFID II
    • Giving platform providers access to the latest technologies to enhance the efficiency of both theirs and their clients’ businesses
    • Offering a high level of customisation to ensure workflows and MIS suit specific requirements

    Figaro: Asset Management software

    Performance tracking—client and model portfolios

    Performance can be analysed within user-specified dates Analysis can be performed within an Asset Hierarchy for Capital Appreciation, Income and Total Return measures Portfolio performance is benchmarked against standard or user-designed indices and the appropriate model Portfolio valuations are available instantly on-screen.

    Figaro allows complex yet intuitive segmentation, so that users can specify segmentation criteria via a combination of demographic and geographic information, together with sophisticated analysis of past investment patterns and projected tax liabilities.

    Personalised, customisable mailshots can be  produced and stored as part of the application’s CRM tools.

    Users can access instantly all customer contact events and receive automatic prompts regarding forthcoming notable dates and investment anniversaries.

    To fully understand the client’s Wealth Management requirements, a ‘Financial Data’ questionnaire is required, which can be completed by the Wealth Advisor via the telephone, or by the client via a secure internet connection.

    Identify Investment Opportunities

    Armed with a completed questionnaire, the user can draw up a suitable product mix for the client. This will involve assessing the client’s current product coverage and determining its degree of suitability given their personal and tax situation, any planned changes, investment goals and attitude to risk Illustrative return tools are available for a wide range of investments.  In addition to the usual 3rd Party plan or fund illustrations, Figaro provides advanced asset analysis and risk management tools. The Portfolio Optimiser enables model portfolios to be created across a range of investment objectives using any combination of assets within the Figaro system

    Enabling advisers to interact more effectively and more efficiently with clients

    Easily adapting to change while supporting business growth is key for today’s private banks.

    Stringent regulations have squeezed margins and firms have to juggle to efficiently run a business while and providing individuals and groups with all the functionality to help firms successfully manage and grow their clients’ wealth.Through its software technology, JHC can help private banks to effectively and efficiently service their clients and meet compliance requirements and monitor risk as well as control costs and increase profits.

    JHC's technologies support private banks by:

      • Providing today’s tech savvy investors with 24/7 access to their investment information through a range of digital and mobile technology
      • Ensuring the system provides high levels of automation and STP across its functions
      • Offering a flexible solution that can be customised to suit specific business requirements 
      • Providing a system designed to meet today’s regulatory requirements including MiFID II, KYC requirements and GDPR etc
      • Combating cybersecurity concerns in light of increasing digitisation
      • Offering a fully integrated solution that reduces overall operating costs
      • Providing the latest technology to support omnichannel communication and enhance user experience to meet growing customer demands