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  • With 30+ years’ experience developing wealth solutions, more than 60 financial institutions currently use JHC’s technologies — either on site or through our managed service — to administer funds, clients’ investments and to trade and settle securities in stock markets worldwide.

    Over 5,600 front, middle and back office personnel and hundreds of thousands of private investors rely on our tools and platforms every day.

    JHC’s technologies support large and small wealth management businesses: clients’ assets under management (AUM) varies from £100m to more than £15bn, with total AUM exceeding £150bn. 

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    Because our tools and platforms are scalable, volume is never a problem. JHC Figaro can handle up to 1,500 users, 1.5m portfolios and process more than 90,000 transactions per day in all asset classes and in multiple currencies.

    Figaro's scalable framework ensures that new regulatory requirements can be incorporated as they emerge. Users can respond to requests for information quickly. The risk and finance functions align perfectly and managers can make strategic business decisions founded on complete, accurate and up-to-date information. Costs are reduced, accuracy is improved and the business as a whole becomes more efficient.

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