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  • JHC Figaro is a true multi-currency platform: clients can value, trade and settle in the currency and markets of their choice.

    Figaro’s customisable parameters enable clients to define their currency at account level or across the entire portfolio. Income can be specified in one currency and automatically exchanged and invested in another. The platform also supports multi-currency bank accounts and reconciliations.

    There is no requirement to run transactions through a single currency. Figaro supports a currency book or can initiate FX trades from each client trade, underpinned by extensive accounting.

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    Key Features

      • Client currency preferences covering Markets, Portfolios and Settlement
      • Automatic settlement of deals cross currencies i.e. deals settled in market and client preferred currencies with automatic generation of internal cross currency deals. Note commissions/fees etc. can be yet different currencies
      • Ability to set ‘House FX Rates’ for internal auto-generated FX deals, also for all reports except compliance. Add % or point margin to real time FX feeds
      • Monitoring of ‘House Rates’ against suitable FX rate feed
      • Monitoring of company ‘Principal Currency Risk accounts’ against limits with auto deal generation when limits breached
      • P&L calculations and reporting
      • Book costs stored in three currencies Client Portfolio, Settlement and Corporate base currency to allow full cross currency valuation and analysis
      • Credit checking across currencies with attributes/ parameters configurable per user
      • Market hours checking and warning
      • Configurable stock lists per market

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