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  • FNZ Figaro—Deployed by more than 60 firms, used by over 5,600 front, middle and back office personnel and  hundreds of thousands of private investors every day

    By automating manual tasks and mission-critical activities, Figaro optimises the collection, storage, arrangement, integration and application of transactional, management and accounting data.

    Figaro becomes the books and records of the business and provides the foundation on which execution only, advisory, discretionary and institutional brokers and wealth managers can build for the future.

    Teams, departments and offices function as one 

    Data is complete and trustworthy. Regulatory and compliance requirements are met as a matter of course; services and products can be shaped around known and specific customer needs.

    As AUM grow, so does Figaro—without constraint. No more hold ups, system ‘fixes’ and complex reconciliations between modules and offices.

    Engineered for the long haul, Figaro endures for the life of the enterprise. Long term expansion or consolidation strategies can be followed with confidence, firms can protect and enhance their market share and gain control of their costs.

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