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    As clients’ systems, processes and circumstances change and new requirements emerge, applications are likely to need modification or new functionality developed and installed.

    Even standard, day-to-day activities can create, or be subject to, unexpected demands or developments which require immediate and expert attention to resolve. For those reasons—and others—every client has their own manager, who is usually the first point of contact with JHC.



    Client managers, who are part of the JHC client services team, are responsible for ensuring that our technology performs exactly as his or her client expects.

    Although every team member has a thorough understanding of their client’s objectives, operational practices and strategic goals, client managers can also call on the knowledge and experience of other managers. By pooling information drawn from other installations, even the most complex issues can be resolved with the minimum of delay.

    To ensure that the service we provide is of the highest standard, each client manager is required to:

    • Identify and build relationships with their client’s key personnel
    • Have a complete understanding of each parties’ contractual obligations and the terms under which the relationship is managed
    • Act as the main point of contact for his or her client
    • Maintain an overview of all current projects and tasks/issues relating to the client and to ensure that they are delivered on time and on budget
    • Strive to improve the level of service JHC delivers to users and to advise and collaborate with their client to plan and implement necessary changes to our technologies
    • Communicate to their client any and all new product and service developments or initiatives which will help the firm achieve its objectives
    • Provide their client with information and access to other JHC resources such as our consultancy and training services, for example
    • Produce plans, schemas, reports and documents as requested and in a timely manner, on the client’s behalf