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  • Enabling financial institutions to construct, from the ground up, a coherent, comprehensive and bespoke digital transformation strategy

    Using the Digitize service, firms will understand the benefits they can expect of digitisation, which tasks and processes can and can’t be digitised and what the cost of moving from a manual, multi-platform way of working to automated and streamlined workflows, is likely to be.


    Workflows, systems and procedures—across front, middle and back offices—will be evaluated. Infrastructure strengths and weaknesses and points of friction, identified and analysed. As well as the day-to-day operational practicalities, the Digitize team will want to know about the nuances and complexities of the business, what the priorities are and where the firm is now and where it intends to be.

    With that information, we can quantify what it’s going to involve—in terms of money, time, skills and tools—to transform the firm to a digitally-enabled entity. Your consultants will also consider what steps need taking to ensure it’s business as usual while the transition from manual to automated working is made.



    Having completed our analysis, we can then decide which JHC technologies will be most beneficial to the firm:

    • Figaro — A digital wealth management platform for account administration, trading, regulatory compliance and resource optimisation
    • Neon — A digital wealth management dashboard for instant portfolio monitoring, risk analysis and suitability checking

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    Some of the institutions we work with have needs that are unique to their business, or their investors. To meet those special requirements—which cover many different operational areas—we have established alliances with more than 20 strategic partners worldwide. Examples of those arrangements include agreements with software and hardware vendors, value-added resellers and cloud service providers.

    Every business we collaborate with is a leader in its field and brings something different to the table. But what all our partners have in common, is a desire to be the best at what they do.

    There at the end

    FNZ Digitize is an all-encompassing service. To ensure clients stay within budget, extract maximum value from the switch to digital and that our technologies perform exactly as expected, our consultants work with the firm—remotely and on-site—to implement the digitisation strategy.

    Digitize tells you:

    • What is digital transformation going to cost?
    • Precisely what benefits can we expect when we go digital?
    • How much disruption is involved?
    • Is it necessary to re-engineer every process and skill set?
    • Can we keep our current, ad hoc digitisation measures?
    • Do we have the kit, the teams and the skills in place to digitise?
    • Is it possible to run manual and automated working in tandem?
    • Can we make the transition to digital on a gradual basis?
    • Do we need to move to a new IT platform?
    • Should we host in house or outsource?