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  • We have a responsibility to mitigate the data security risks our clients face

    We have a responsibility to mitigate the data security risks our clients face. Protecting client information is an obligation common to all financial institutions.

    Given that firms must never disclose the identities of their investors, regulators want to know what governance and cyber-resilient measures are in place. For that reason, most financial institutions now consider information security to be as important as its quality. Firms also understand that their existence and future success is as dependent on cyber security as it is on compliance, business development and talent.

    As new data-related regulatory requirements emerge, those regulations in themselves impact on the management and protection of data and raise new compliance issues. Having to submit frequent reports to regulators for example, heightens the chances of the information in those documents being exposed.

    Our SaaS solution provides the software and services financial institutions need to ensure good data security throughout their business.

    Information security – our solutions deployed on client site

    To meet the fundamentals of good data security, Figaro provides:

    • Defined access to client accounts and data points
    • Tailored roles and permissions based on an individual’s position and responsibility within the organisation

    In addition, JHC ensures that the Figaro software’s security and management processes align with the following International Standards:

    • ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 (Information security management)
    • ISO22313&ISO22301 (Business continuity management)
    • BS 11200 (Crisis management)

    Information security – our solutions provided as SaaS

    Our SaaS offering utilises the solutions capabilities to implement the following set of core services to mitigate data security risks.

    Secure Architecture
    Engineered to a 5-tier architecture, our solutions are distributed between network segments separated by firewalls and routers. A security boundary is maintained between the internal networks and external networks/internet.

    Physical Security
    Data is stored in two purpose-built datacentres within the UK, each of which is 100 miles apart, operates with authorised personnel and secure access controls whilst maintaining ISO/IEC 27001 certifications and best practice standards.

    Data Encryption
    All data transmitted over the internet is encrypted using HTTPS. In addition, all personally identifiable information (PII) will be encrypted to Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit. Whilst at rest, all data is encrypted at the storage level and PII data is encrypted to AES 128-bit.

    User Authentication
    Secure log-on procedures and controls prevent unauthorised access to client data and non-client data. Support personnel have no access by default and can only gain access once they have a client ticket to resolve and permission is granted.

    Strategic Security Monitoring
    Our proactive and proactive monitoring strategy incorporates procedures and controls which will detect security threats and issues as they happen. Such events are shared with you.

    Intrusion Detection
    Independent penetration testing (software and data centre) and vulnerability assessments are conducted every six months by an external and specialist firm. 

    Disaster Recovery (DR) & Testing
    We provide an identically configured mirrored infrastructure for the purposes of DR. Tests—including primary/secondary role swaps—are performed annually with requirement for client or end user involvement.

    Disaster Recovery (DR) & Testing
    We provide our solutions as highly available and perform annual tests of that with our clients.

    Website Change Audit Records
    By preserving an audit trail of all website changes, firms comply with best practices and regulatory rules.

    DoS and DDoS Prevention/Mitigation
    JHC services are protected against both volumetric and application layer DoS and DDoS attacks.

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