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  • Giving clients what they expect: 24/7 online access to their portfolios

    Customers are able to view up-to-date valuations, establish ‘fantasy’ portfolios and if permitted, buy and sell holdings.

    Advisers can also monitor and interact with their clients’ portfolios: third party permissions can be configured according to status and requirements—i.e., execution-only, advisory, etc.

    As FigaroWeb draws data directly from the Figaro database, online users see the same information as the firm’s front, middle and back offices see.

    For the firm, on-line access substantially reduces the volume of help desk enquiries and by branding the platform, the customer enjoys a ‘seamless’ browsing experience. FigaroWeb enables firms to offer their customers online access to their portfolios.

    Full transaction history:

    • contract notes, statements, valuation packs and reports
    • Real-time valuations and balances
    • Secure customer messaging via SMS and e-mail. Send and receive corporate action information, other event communications and provide links to external market data providers
    • Active and Limit Orders
    • Buy /Sell /Raise /Invest functions