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    We’ve been providing market-leading software and related services to financial institutions for over twenty years. As the number of firms using JHC's technologies has grown, so has the breadth and the complexity of applications we encounter and deal with.


    Having worked closely with clients introducing new products and helping implement major operational changes, our teams have met and solved many different business and technical problems.

    In our view, no other consultancy has a better understanding of the issues financial institutions face when changing long-established procedures, implementing new systems or introducing new tools and platforms than we do.

    Drawing on our expertise enables firms to ensure their operations run without disruption and remain compliant at all times.

    We offer support and advice, project management and system process reviews that are not specific to JHC products. Areas covered include accounting, stock settlement, client money and risk, client-facing services such as websites for example and the production of tax pack and performance documentation.

    Expert assistance on order routing and automated dealing services, portfolio management ( including re-balancing and modeling) ISA administration, corporate actions, dividend distribution and client payments is also available.

    About our Digital Transformation Service