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  •  JHC, a leading provider of innovative wealth management solutions, has announced today that it has signed a new contract with global technology pioneer APSU, for cloud-based services to further enhance its long-standing Figaro Managed Service offering.

    Through the Figaro Managed Service, JHC offers clients a fully-integrated front-to-back office solution with a web front end for client and agent access, managed by its technical experts and hosted in APSU’s secure data centres with 24 hour technical support. APSU’s global presence, expertise and experience will become increasingly important as JHC grows its business both within the UK and internationally.

    Software vendors are recognising the need to offer a SaaS model that can change and grow as their clients’ business develops, delivering excellent IT services, reducing operational risk and costs, as well as enabling firms to concentrate on managing the relationships with their clients.

    Wealth managers do not want their growth plans constrained by inflexible and outmoded systems which require heavy and continuous investment in IT operations to meet the pace of today’s market trends.  They require access to innovative, agile and cost effective solutions that will support their business and help to drive it forward.

    Today, Figaro supports over 60 major financial institutions with over £130 billion assets under management and executing in excess of 50,000 trades each day. Working in partnership with APSU to deliver an excellent, fully managed IT platform for Wealth Managers, JHC anticipates the Figaro Managed Service will drive significant growth.

    John Blackman, CEO of JHC, said:

    “By partnering with APSU, we are ensuring that together we have the infrastructure and expertise to offer our clients the successful Figaro Managed Service as a SaaS model, representing a highly flexible, secure, reliable and cost-effective option.

    “The SaaS model empowers companies to break away from legacy systems that are costly to operate and maintain, to offload non-differentiating IT functions and to benefit from industry leading functionality and frequent upgrades, including the latest regulatory changes, without increasing their investment in technology and associated resources.

    “We are delighted to be able to offer this service with the support of APSU, who bring vast experience and expertise in delivering fully managed cloud solutions provisioned on Europe’s largest privately-owned network and managed by an accredited cloud builder and cloud infrastructure Business Partner.”

    Steve Morris, CEO of APSU, said:

    “We are proud to have been selected by JHC to deliver its core Figaro application in a SaaS model, providing a fully managed, secure and scalable cloud solution. I feel that both companies have clear goals to deliver innovation and improve the customer experience with operational excellence.

    We believe that Figaro Managed Service is the next step and the right choice for JHC’s clients.”

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