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  • Fintech firm JHC Systems (JHC) and MyFiduciary have announced a strategic partnership that will allow firms across Australia and New Zealand to access a digital risk, monitoring and analytics dashboard - JHC Neon. This comes in the wake of an increased regulatory focus on the adequacy of portfolio monitoring and risk controls. The combination of MyFiduciary’s consultancy service and JHC’s technology means investment organisations and advice firms can access the tools and global best practice standards required to clear the increasing regulatory bar, and end-client expectations.

    MyFiduciary provides investment governance training and support for a range of investment organisations. It wanted to expand its services to ensure its clients are better informed about the assets which they manage, and to enhance and automate portfolio oversight and operations. Neon was identified as an ideal and proven solution to achieve this aim. It offers dynamic 360-degree monitoring, risk analysis and automated suitability and compliance checking. Neon is designed to transform and remove the manual processes typically underpinning these areas.

    Aaron Drew, Director, MyFiduciary, commented: “This partnership is well-aligned with our mission of helping fiduciaries gather, grow and protect assets. Our clients face increasing compliance burdens, and we see there is a pressing need for a robust, flexible and automated portfolio analytics solution that can cover a broad range of assets types and integrate a variety of data sources. This capability is hard to come by but seeing what Neon has delivered to wealth and asset managers in the UK, Europe and Middle East, we knew it would be the ideal fit for our part of the world.”

    Ed Lopez, CRO, JHC added: “As demand for JHC’s technology outside of our core markets continues to grow, we have extended our partner programme to ensure that we have the agreements in place to support global demand with local, on-the-ground expertise. The size of the Australian and New Zealand asset management space is well known, and while there are clear overlaps with UK, European and US regulations for financial services participants, it was important to commit to the region with a proven and recognized local partner who shares our values and focus. It is clear MyFiduciary is ideal in that regard.

    “The firm and the team have an excellent reputation and client base that will see real value from our collaboration. Our technical experience coupled with the market knowledge of MyFiduciary makes this a great match.”