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  • JHC works very closely with partners in the industry to better gauge trends affecting your business.  Compeer is a well respected industry bench marking organisation with whom we have had a long and successful relationship.  

    This year we will focus on the impact of Brexit. The shock result of the Brexit referendum means we now have to implement a massive change to our economic and trade relations over the next 2 years.

    How will the wealth management industry cope with the predicted slow down / recession and its impact on the client?  What opportunities will be opened up as the Government implements a looser monetary policy?  How will regulation be impacted?  Will overseas clients continue to regard the UK as a safe haven?  Find out the answers to these questions and more at Compeer’s conference, where we will be joined by guest speakers including industry experts, trade body and CEO panels, top economists and fund managers.

    JHC has produced our own article on Brexit, where we examine the opportunities it could present us with and you can read the article here