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  • Research: Operational costs – Getting the best from your back office

    How can firms reduce costs whilst continuing to grow their businesses in a highly competitive marketplace?

    Date: 22/05/2020


    PAM: Digital survey and Forum 2019

    Now in its fifth year, the PAM Digital Survey & Forum, in association with JHC, gives unique insights into the views of private banking and wealth management professionals on how the digital age is transforming how their firms interact with clients and the services they offer.

    Date: 11/07/2019


    Q&A: Managed services for financial institutions - containing costs, reducing headcount, securing data

    Once viewed as a problem - today, outsourcing is celebrated by many as a blessing. JHC's CEO John Blackman discusses industry issues and the benefits of choosing to partner with a Managed Services Provider with Mark Vargo, CTO of CSI Group.

    Date: 06/12/2018


    Case Study: Portfolio monitoring and risk management in wealth management - creating a culture of compliance

    A European wealth manager made the decision to move from manual to digitised working. How did the entire firm gain from the initiative?

    Date: 06/07/2018


    Research: Compliance and regulation in UK wealth management: perspectives, budgets, views and intentions

    Earlier this year, in conjunction with Compeer Ltd. we surveyed UK wealth managers overseeing a combined total of £350bn of private client assets—almost 40% of the industry's total AUM. The report provides an understanding of how the compliance function is evolving in terms of spending, headcount and technology, and what constant regulatory change means for UK wealth managers and their clients.

    Date: 31/05/2018


    Research: 'Optimising Compliance in Uncertain Times' - a benchmarking report to help wealth management firms establish their regulatory priorities

    In January 2017 and in conjunction with Compeer Ltd. we put twenty two key questions to a range of UK wealth managers of every size (with AUM totalling almost £100 billion). Their answers and the resultant conclusions - which you may find surprising, reassuring or a cause for concern - are detailed in this report.

    Date: 18/08/2017