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  • A smart city is a happy city

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, has a vision: he’s intent on making Dubai the happiest city on Earth. For a metropolis of 3 million people becoming ‘happy’ involves the creation of strategic partnerships and developing a ‘smart’ economy, a smart way of life and smart governance. (Dubai has in fact been establishing a culture of government excellence since the nineties and currently provides more than one thousand e-services to the city’s citizens.) And it’s not just the state that’s committed to the idea of smart. Many of Dubai’s businesses are subscribing to the philosophy—including the city’s wealth managers.

    Nothing’s done by halves in Dubai

    As far as Dubai’s wealth managers are concerned, maintaining the status quo is not a smart strategy. That’s why the traditional systems, conventions and procedures usually associated with the management of wealth, are being put to the test. The parts of the process that are worth keeping, stay—those that aren’t, go.

    The financial advice sector is also under closer scrutiny than ever before. A history of poor practices—particularly around insurance products—has accelerated regulatory change. Clients now expect advice to be impartial, well-rounded and take account of their specific financial goals and appetite for risk. It’s for these reasons that Dubai’s investors are able to build more diversified portfolios using a range of investments sourced from every appropriate sector and region. Hence, the need for tech that covers all the bases has never been greater.

    Home from home in the world’s smartest city

    Since opening our Dubai office, we know that JHC’s way of doing things fits well with Dubai’s way of doing things. Our UAE clients and prospects accept without question that getting ahead of the game means diving in at the digital deep end. They also know that a smart wealth management business is a business that is digitally enabled in its entirety, not just parts of it. By deploying our digital platforms and tools across the firm, Dubai’s wealth managers are now able to profitably serve not only their UHNW, HNW clients, but also their ‘everyday’ investors.

    Above all…

    Dubai’s wealth managers recognise that JHC’s products allow them to provide their clients with a standard of service that is set to become the benchmark in wealth management for the world's emerging economies. With the boundaries of the past gone and new frontiers waiting to be explored, we’re delighted to be playing a part in the creation of the world’s smartest city.

    To infinity and beyond!

    Ed Lopez - Chief Revenue Officer - JHC