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  • Solving the ESG dilemma: let’s talk about scoring

    Covid-19 has accelerated demand for ESG investing – but the way we measure ESG credentials has to go further than simple scoring. In our latest blog, Andrew Watson explores the challenge faced by the wealth management industry and what needs to happen to bridge the information gap.

    Date: 16/07/2020


    What does the wealth management firm of 2021 look like?

    COVID-19 has been a catalyst for digital transformation – but which trends are here to stay?

    Date: 07/07/2020


    Every Cloud: Covid-19 and the opportunity for digital transformation

    Alan Cole looks at how wealth managers have implemented technology to create efficiencies, reduce costs and shrink operational risk.

    Date: 02/06/2020


    Struggle at the first hurdle for MiFID 10% letters?

    JHC's Mark Young explores the impact of recent market volatility on MiFID 10% letters

    Date: 31/03/2020


    Our 2019 Client Conference - the highlights

    Watch our video to see the highlights from our client conference.

    Date: 03/12/2019


    ESG: Fifty shades of green?

    There’s no doubt that interest in ESG is growing, but the subject means different things to different people. Andrew Watson gives his take on how wealth managers can use technology to better understand ESG.

    Date: 23/10/2019


    When you click, you click

    Following on from his previous blog, Andrew Watson explores what wealth manager's need to know to make their clients tick.

    Date: 29/05/2019


    Wealth Management’s Digital Revolution: How the tech bare necessities can provide the competitive edge

    Increasing costs and regulatory pressures mean that wealth and investment managers are looking for ways to differentiate themselves. Technology provides an opportunity to do so.

    Date: 14/05/2019


    The one commodity in wealth management that can never be digitised

    There's no doubt that there's power in digital, but it doesn’t provide the whole answer. Andrew Watson outlines how this applies to trust and relationships.

    Date: 09/05/2019


    The Royal Commission - the party’s well and truly over for Australia’s wayward financial institutions

    Read JHC and MyFiduciary's reaction to the Royal Commission's hearing and how this will affect financial institutions' compliance departments

    Date: 12/03/2019


    Steeped in digital, rich in opportunity

    12 months on, how has the 'digital' sentiment changed at the Middle East Wealth Management Forum­? Ed Lopez, who spoke at the event, gives his view.

    Date: 06/02/2019


    Retail banking or wealth management: which will Big Tech pick off first?

    Latest insights from Ed Lopez following his trip to The Middle East Banking Forum held in Dubai earlier this month

    Date: 20/11/2018


    Help! I Need Somebody

    So you’ve created some fantastic new functionality, demo’d it to users and got it in the next major release of the product. You’re done right? Well, not necessarily…

    Date: 02/10/2018


    Using models to break the mould

    One of the most difficult and immediate challengers facing investment managers is costs and charges. How will clients feel when they see what they’re really paying for a portfolio management service? And what percentage of those clients will have any idea of what it takes to run a portfolio?

    Date: 25/09/2018


    Sun, sea, sand and selling

    Following our latest event the 2018 Cyprus Wealth Management Breakfast, it's clear that in Cyprus, if it can be digitised, it should be digitised.

    Date: 28/06/2018


    Dealing with regulatory compliance is like wallpapering…

    …Or is it more like wading through treacle?

    Date: 05/06/2018


    To boldly go…

    Dubai, a smart city is a happy city

    Date: 23/04/2018


    Digital? It’s about the bare necessities, the simple, bare necessities

    Digital is the future. If you get the basics right you can have all the robo, biometric analytics and personalised services you desire.

    Date: 06/03/2018


    Regulation and service providers: supportive or on the sidelines?

    Read a summary of JHC's Andrew Watson's talk at Compeer's annual compliance conference.

    Date: 22/02/2018


    Where wealth managers enjoy the warmest of waters…

    Having just returned from our Dubai office, it’s refreshing to see that Middle Eastern financial institutions are embracing the digital age.

    Date: 31/01/2018


    2017—a year spent looking in rather than looking out?

    2017 has been a year of regulatory hurdles. Could 2018 be the year of innovative AI?

    Date: 23/01/2018


    How the rise of the challengers will increase assets under management

    Tailoring digital services to meet customer requirements is a key feature for the new breed of banks - the 'challengers'. It’s likely they will be ‘poaching’ business from intermediaries and wealth managers. For forward-thinking firms, that development can be viewed as an opportunity rather than a threat.

    Date: 12/12/2017


    The Cost of Performance

    With MiFID II just around the corner, John Blackman discusses how managers can ensure they have instant access to the information they need to satisfy both their clients and the regulators.

    Date: 22/11/2017


    Data protection dilemma: how to tackle MiFID II and GDPR clash - By Andrew Watson

    CityWire - Andrew Watson shares his thoughts on how we tackle the top 2 most pressing data-related rule changes.

    Date: 15/11/2017


    When’s your D (digital) Day?

    Digitisation is an inevitability for all financial institutions. John Blackman discusses the benefits of taking the plunge sooner rather than later.

    Date: 10/11/2017


    How To Ensure There Isn’t A Clash Between MiFID II and GDPR

    In a recent feature article in Wealthbriefing, JHC’s Andrew Watson shares his views on the two most important regulatory changes coming to the industry.  Here is an excerpt from the full article…

    Date: 15/06/2017


    Assessing Suitabilty Review - Being compliant must be sustainable and scalable  

    Assessing Suitability Review

    Date: 11/05/2017


    Do you know your NINO from your DOB or your CONCAT?

    Do you know your NINO from your DOB or your CONCAT?

    Date: 17/04/2017