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  • Automation – coupled with configurable exception-based workflow - increases efficiency and reduces operational risk.

    JHC’s experience of helping financial institutions migrate from other systems has proved that blending a high degree of automation with straight through processing (STP) enables clients to make their businesses more efficient, reduce their operational risks and improve transparency.

    By replacing repetitive tasks (usually performed by people) with standard templates, potentially variable processes become consistent, information gaps are non-existent and procedures dovetail seamlessly.

    The JHC Figaro platform incorporates a range of automated and exception-based workflows which optimise many day-to-day and highly repetitive operational tasks including:

    • Client on-boarding
    • Portfolio monitoring
    • Trading
    • Reconciliation
    • Settlement
    • Reporting and regulatory compliance tasks

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    With automated links to more than one hundred third parties, custodians and trading venues JHC Figaro moves clients towards a true exceptions-based workflow, safe in the knowledge that the data they rely on is complete, accurate and having flowed through the system seconds ago, up to date.  

    Figaro also incorporates a task management system which a) enables a process to be broken down into tasks and b) ensures that each task is completed correctly and on time. The tasks are controlled by allocation to specified users, the sequence in which they must be completed, the timescale for completion, dependencies that may exist before a task can commence and conditions under which tasks may start, complete or be escalated.

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