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    Cost pressures, greater regulation and increasingly complex client mandates provide a challenging operating environment for private client trading and investment firms. By utilising our digital technologies, firms can improve their decision-making and execution process. Whether a wealth manager, family office, stock broker or fund manager, users benefit from advanced modelling capabilities and asset allocation—as well as more effective communication with clients. Model variance and audit trails allow users to reduce the cost of compliance while achieving high levels of straight-through processing.

    Portfolio models can be built at a stock level and attached to both individual clients and client groups. Using a simple graphical reporting tool, managers can compare their individual client portfolio positions with other models and make any necessary adjustments. As all actions—together with their impact upon CGT positions, full CGT exposure—happen in real-time, there are fewer steps in the process and managers enjoy full and immediate control.

    Automated Rebalancing and Order Generation

    JHC’s automated order generating process compares multiple client portfolios against models at both a personal level and at account level. Any asset allocation tolerances that are used to govern rebalancing decisions, can be adjusted as necessary. ‘What if’ calculations are generated automatically based on proposed order positions and orders can be reviewed and edited prior to issue. Switching of stock positions can be performed at a person or product level, on a one-to-many or one-to-one basis.

    Portfolio Performance & Risk Analysis

    Performance tracking tools are available for client and model portfolios, which enable managers to:

    • Analyse performance between specific dates
    • Analysis can be performed within an Asset Hierarchy for Capital Appreciation, Income and Total Return measures
    • Benchmark performance against standard or user-designed indices and/or a relevant model
    • Obtain immediate valuations
    • Full contribution and attribution analysis, using the Brinson-Fachler model, is provided.
    • For risk analysis, Figaro employs (among other volatility measures) the Capital Asset Pricing Model so that users can measure volatility, annualised volatility, average excess return, tracking errors and annualised tracking errors.


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