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  • The insights brokers, wealth managers and platform providers need to develop personal client service while remaining compliant and competitive.

    JHC’s client management capabilities meet the needs of all types of financial institutions—from execution-only firms to UHNW discretionary services.

    Client Acquisition and Onboarding

    Detailed attention has been paid to each stage of the onboarding cycle, so that the process is agile, seamless, includes all relevant participants and aligns with the firm’s operating model.

    Create and Manage Your Process
    Customisable digital application forms (templates) cover the full spectrum of regulatory checks. Administrators are able to design layouts and add data points through a rich, graphical user interface. Users can specify which personnel are authorised to use which template, ensuring that the onboarding process is tightly managed.

    Additional Oversight

    Using workflows, the system builds an additional layer of assurance. Applications can be passed to authorised users for review and subsequent approval or rejection (supporting the ‘four-eyes principle’) or directly to compliance for checking. Authorised users also have the ability to manually override and approve AML checks that have failed the third party service.


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    Client Relationship Management (CRM)

    Once the client has been successfully onboarded, firms need to efficiently manage the account and meet all the necessary ongoing regulatory requirements. JHC’s CRM tools provide users with instant access to their clients’ investment information and personal objectives, including detailed access to KYC information cash and stock positions, account summaries, portfolios and trading performance.

    Comprehensive workflows and customisable dashboards ensure the system is tailored to specific business needs, while automatic notifications highlight key events and prompt the investment manager to review KYC and risk data.

    Key benefits of JHC’s client management tools include:

    • A smart, flexible, agile client management solution for both the investor and the firm
    • Support for configurable client reporting preferences, including frequency, content and distribution channel
    • Full compliance with regulatory requirements – including MiFID and GDPR, KYC, suitability and FATCA/CRS
    • Seamless integration with any third party system
    • Instant access to the full range of customer contact events
    • Reduced manual processing and reduced risk, providing firms with greater control over the take-on and account management of clients
    • Increased transparency and visibility of client data across the firm with easy, seamless data capture and updating