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  • A flexible, user-configurable front office interface that optimises client enquiry and order management work flows.

    Figaro combines easy-to-use client inception, Know Your Client and CRM tools with comprehensive portfolio and fund management capabilities.

    Other front office functions include enquiry, asset management and real time order creation and management. 

    Configurable: Displays can be configured by user type—i.e., advisor, fund manager, dealer, administrator and compliance officer. (Transactions can be instigated from any display.) Users can drag-and-drop to re-order display columns as they wish and hide or display data from chosen fields. 

    Enquiries: Investment managers can access a complete list of the firm’s clients and view their contact details, account summaries, statement and valuations and contract details. Portfolio performance and order status can also be monitored. Stock search facilities are available. 

    Asset Hierarchy: Users can analyse valuations in hierarchy. Stocks can be viewed by different criteria—i.e., by stock type, country or asset type, for example. Asset Hierarchy analysis enables users to compare client portfolios to model. 

    Buy/ Sell: Securities can be bought or sold instantly, via any screen. On-screen dealing slips or execution-only dealing slips are available, the latter requiring only the critical information for completion. 

    Contract Calculator: provides final totals if the manager knows how many shares he or she wishes to buy. Alternatively, calculations can be made based on the amount to be invested. For an international deal—where the currency of the client settlement and the market currency will probably be different—the exchange rate will be calculated automatically using Figaro’s house rate tables. (Deal values are calculated in the client settlement currency.) 

    OMS: The order management system enables different types of user to see only information which is relevant to their status. Once an order is placed, its status and progress is tracked through a ‘traffic light’ system—e.g. Incepted, Validated; Captured, Not Dealt; Dealt, Signed Off; Contracted; etc.

    Key benefits include:

    • Portfolio valuations and performance analysis
    • User-configurable displays
    • Data in real-time
    • Deal from anywhere
    • Call Centre/ advisor/ fund manager/ dealer/ compliance officer modes
    • Full integration with FigaroWeb and back office functionality
    • Real time portfolio management, modelling and rebalancing 
    • Real time trading/order management
    • Fully automated dealing
    • Bulk trades