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  • Widespread support across tax products

    Understanding a client’s financial goals and identifying (and applying) the most appropriate product is essential for today’s investment managers. JHC’s solutions are HMRC compliant and can manage all range of tax types of tax wrappers —i.e., ISAs, SIPPs, SSAS, JISAs and NISAs.

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    JHC’s platforms and tools manage the relevant checks and processes, including :

    • Investor date of birth is checked to ensure the client is 18+ years old
    • The format but not the content of the NINO field is validated
    • Eligible investments can be flagged in the stock file
    • Every ISA is monitored to ensure that it does not exceed the stated subscription limits
    • Subscription limits are fully maintained—new subscriptions can be set up using the configurable client maintenance templates.
    • Transfers in and out, can be managed using transfer workflow processing