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  • An efficient, compliant and responsive settlement, accounting and custody system

    Reducing the risk and the cost of back office functions provides firms with a robust and flexible structure that’s more than capable of keeping pace with market and regulatory changes. JHC’s fully integrated, secure and robust bookkeeping and accounting system sits at the heart of its technology.

    With the ability to process hundreds of thousands of transactions every day, JHC supports both large and small businesses. As standard the system provides a complete breakdown of capital and income. High levels of automation facilitates regular investments, ensures manual intervention is kept to a minimum and offers full STP from trading through to full settlement and custody, all from a single source.

    JHC’s technology meets all the necessary regulatory commitments for cash reconciliation, client assets and client money requirements, providing firms with a reliable, consistent solution for all their settlement, custody and accounting requirements. The real-time settlement of assets across multiple currencies allows for full segregation with clients able to see, at a glance, the position of client money vs firm money.

    JHC’s comprehensive settlement, accounting and custody functions include:

    • Manual cash postings
    • Displaying of client and non-client accounts
    • Automated cheques and financial money sweeps
    • Automated bank reconciliation
    • Automated deposit interest
    • Trial balance and management accounts
    • CREST cash reconciliation
    • Automated, configurable messaging managed within the system and sent to third party custodians

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