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  • JHC’s intelligent workflow facilities allow investment managers to quickly and easily expedite the tasks associated with Corporate Actions processing, which broadly speaking are:

    • Producing client communications about forthcoming events
    • Acceptance of client choice in optional events
    • Administering and monitoring the progress of the above functions

    Automated corporate actions
    Figaro’s template-driven corporate action and dividend processing workflow handles every type of mandatory and optional event. With full book cost processing for CGT and performance report integration with workflow and Crest, management of pooled accounts including rounding for fractional entitlements, management of over-subscriptions on open offers and scaling back for IPO processing, Figaro’s CA functionality is comprehensive and efficient. The same functionality applies to new issues and placings and dividends etc.

    Automated income processing
    JHC’s tools and platforms integrate with CREST to provide automated, template-driven reconciliation to Registrar transactions and claims and creation of Rights Issues, Exercise Warrants and Takeover (Escrow) transactions. Every type of mandatory and optional event can be processed automatically, including:

    • Dividend re-investment
    • Full book cost processing for CGT
    • Management of pooled accounts (including rounding for fractional entitlements) management of over-subscriptions on open offers
    • Scaling back for IPO processing

    Multi currency
    When processing multi-currency transactions, JHC’s system automatically performs all related international tax calculations and offers enhanced processing for DRIPs, SCRIPs, etc.

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