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  • We want the best for generations to come. Through funding, volunteering and education JHC lends support to our local communities. By reducing the energy we use and making the most of recycling opportunities, we lessen the impact our business has on the environment.


    We aim to reduce the energy our business uses and make the most of recycling opportunities.

    • We will work with our vendors to reduce their impact on the environment;
    • We assess production, use and disposal associated with the main goods we utilise;
    • We ensure that paper products used come from forests which have been independently certified as well-managed according to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or from recycled materials;
    • We encourage our employees to minimise energy consumption.


    Many of our talented people want to pass on their knowledge and experience to future generations.

    • We give young people a head start in their careers by sharing our expertise with them;
    • We work with local students so they can gain experience of day-to-day life in a leading software company;
    • We support local software development clubs in school;
    • Many JHC employees are active STEM ambassadors, supporting local schools with encouraging children to aspire to STEM careers and improving employability skills.


    Our people are passionate about working with their local communities to improve public spaces and facilities for the future.

    • We cooperate with local charities and parks to make spaces better for children and families;
    • We support local charities through fundraising events;
    • We implement initiatives that encourage and support the local community.

    JHC are proud supporters of the Dallaglio RugbyWorks.

    World Food day - October 2017

    JHC are proud supporters of World Food Day

    With more and more people relying on food banks, this year each JHC office collected donations and took them along to local food banks.

    Bake Off - September 2017 

    JHC held our own Bake Off competition in each of our UK offices, raising money for local charities, including 

    • St Basil’s in Birmingham
    • Changing Lives in Newcastle
    • Macmillan in London 


    Paddy Freeman's Volunteering Day 

    On 9th May, the JHC Newcastle office sent a team of 11 people to help the regular volunteers at Paddy Freeman's Park. The park is often used by the JHC staff and their families so we are all really keen to help out.