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    At the sharp end, in the thick of it

    Digital is big in financial services. Those traditionally impersonal, conservative and inflexible financial institutions are having to change their ways—and fast. Our technologies enable them to do that. Sixty+ financial product and service providers rely on our platforms and tools to keep their businesses at the top of their game. But there’s further to go and more to be done, for our clients and for us. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, bitcoin, cloud: the sector is rife with possibilities and opportunities and we’re right in the thick of it.

    JHC is a financially strong and well-established business with an excellent reputation. In round terms, we’re approaching almost 300-strong. Intelligent, creative people are the cornerstone of our business: 

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    They take on the challenges we can see coming and those we can’t! We value self-driven people who flourish in a fast-paced, collaborative environment. As much as we seek academic achievement, we also appreciate the problem solvers of this world. Individuals with ideas who are determined to push the envelope. People who relish responsibility and possess strong business acumen.

    Since day one, we’ve always believed in investing in R&D (15% of our gross annual income in 2016) which is why our level of staff turnover is as low as it is. Through our ongoing training programs, individuals gain the technical, the industry knowledge and the range of experiences they need to build a rewarding, meaningful and financially successful careers.

    Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 

    JHC has released its first gender pay gap report in line with the new regulation which was put in place last year. The results show that the mean gender pay gap is 18.2% and the median gender pay gap is 25.6%. This is symptomatic of the large proportion of male employees at the firm and reflects an industry-wide trend.

    We have always been active in closing the gap. We continue to place more support on STEM initiatives and ensuring the Fintech sector is one that women are encouraged and given opportunity to join.

    To see the full report and learn more about our focus on closing the gender pay gap - please see below

     Download JHC's Gender Pay Gap Report

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    At JHC we take your privacy very seriously. We will only use you your personal contact data for legitimate purposes as part of our relationship with you.

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