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    In August 2019, FNZ acquired leading wealth management software firm JHC. This significant acquisition consolidated the combined FNZ-JHC group’s position as the most reliable and trusted technology provider to the UK wealth management and broking platform sector.

    As well as realising significant synergy opportunities, the acquisition resulted in the combined group becoming one of the top platform providers in the UK, by bringing together FNZ’s and JHC’s respective existing customers in this market.

    FNZ is a global FinTech firm, employing around 3,000 people to help transform the way financial institutions serve their wealth management customers. It partners with banks, insurers and asset managers to help consumers better achieve their financial goals and is responsible for more than £400 billion in assets under administration, held by around eight million customers of some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

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    Finance without boundaries

    Financial institutions devote a substantial percentage of their resources to non-revenue-generating activities. Effort is expended tracing and reconciling transactional processing mistakes. Versions and variants of data sit in different spreadsheets in separate offices, making reporting obligations labour-intensive and expensive to fulfil.

    As new regulations, markets, asset classes and financial instruments emerge, systems aren’t sufficiently flexible or robust to scale and are patched up in order to cope...until the next time.

    For a business to grow, those impediments to progress must be removed.

    By automating manual processes and touch points, JHC’s technologies enable firms to:

    • Increase assets under management, without constraint
    • Ensure their risk, governance and compliance controls remain up to date and optimised

    Knowing—with certainty—that the firm's operational backbone can absorb and thrive on the effects of change, in whenever form it takes, imbues confidence and broadens horizons.

    Productivity increases in line with assets under management; compliance can be used to create a competitive edge; the executive gains an all-encompassing view of the firm’s positions and business performance.

    Having access to complete, accurate and real time data informs and accelerates the decision-making process.

    People have more time for their clients.

    The business can expand, without delay or disruption.

    ...And the operational, administrative and reporting strictures of the past, no longer determine the future.

    Products and Services


    FNZ Digitize - A consultancy service engaged in understanding and developing strategies and technologies that winning businesses will deploy to achieve their own successful digital transformation

    FNZ Figaro – A digital wealth management platform for account administration, trading, regulatory compliance and resource optimisation

    FNZ Neon – A digital wealth management dashboard for instant portfolio monitoring, risk analysis and suitability checking

    Our technologies are used by wealth managers, BPO/platform providers, asset managers, investment managers, private banks and brokers.

    Assets under management:
    More than 60 financial institutions utilise our software every day – either on site, or in our managed service. Assets under management (AUM) per client vary from £100m to more than £15bn; total AUM exceed £150bn.

    On an aggregated basis, our platforms and tools manage the trading and settlement of millions of transactions every day in markets across the world, in almost every asset class, financial instrument and currency.

    Over 5,600 front, middle and back office personnel and hundreds of thousands of private investors depend on our technologies.

    Our products support operations across the globe, including Canada, Channel Islands, Dubai, France, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, UK and USA.

    Annual R&D investment – up to 15% of our gross income.

    From three offices across the UK, we employ over 260 people, of which 60% are focused entirely on application development and testing across many different platforms. More than 40 of our employees have in excess of 10 years’ service with the company and the original authors of our core product are still with us.

    Management Committee 

    John Blackman -  Chief Executive Officer

    John has been at the helm of JHC for 10 years. John has promoted Figaro as a solution to stockbrokers and wealth managers for over 20 years and this unique combination of business and technical skills has enabled him to guide JHC through a period of sustained growth.

    Gareth Anderson - Chief Financial Officer

    Gareth joined JHC in 2012 and is responsible for Finance and Human Resources. Prior to joining JHC, Gareth served as CFO of Volantis Systems, a venture capital backed mobile solution provider. Before Volantis, Gareth held senior international management positions at the Gartner Group and Sequent Computers Systems.

    Ron Tomlinson - Head of Solutions Delivery

    A business and computer science graduate of Sheffield Hallam University, Ron joined JHC in 2017 as Head of Solutions Delivery. Previously, Ron spent a decade with Dion Global where he was Global Head of Development for their wealth management and post trade solutions.

    JHC Sytems Ltd (JHC) is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registration number: 08729370. Registered office: Temple Point 6th Floor, 1 Temple Row, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 5LG.